There needs to be a Kingdom Hearts Symphony Orchestra!

Earlier this week The Legend of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses Orchestra performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ahead of their world tour, suggesting a growing interest in video game soundtracks arranged in symphony form. No longer do we have to pore over YouTube to listen to our favourite video game soundtracks, but can go to a theatre and marvel at the amazing arrangements that orchestra’s like Symphony Of The Goddesses are presenting. Last year saw the world tour of Final Symphony, with orchestra’s presenting the amazing music of the Final Fantasy series. Yet, despite these two massively adored franchises gaining the recognition for the fantastic music that accompanies their games and inspiring these concert tours, I feel that this new found venture is missing out on some of video game’s greatest music scores.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Kingdom Hearts is the unexpected mashup of the Disney and Final Fantasy worlds, combining the charm of the much loved Disney worlds and characters, and the pensive storytelling of Final Fantasy. As you can imagine you therefore get music that ranges from classic Disney to epic battle music that you would expect from a Final Fantasy game. With seven games in its main series, and many remasters, there are plenty of music pieces that could be adapted into a symphony. Plus, main composer Yoko Shimomura has created the music so masterfully so that most pieces have noticeable connections in key, motif etc. to link key characters and events, meaning that in many cases pieces could be strung together quite easily to make a fluid arrangement in symphony form. Some pieces of music from the Kingdom Hearts series were featured as part of the Symphonic Fantasies concert, which featured music from many Square Enix produced games. However, there are so many epic, and moving pieces from the Kingdom Hearts series that I feel it could only be done justice through a symphony concert of its own. But I digress, rather than me witter on about how much I love this series and its music, here are five pieces of music that I think make a compelling case for the creation of a Kingdom Hearts symphony orchestra tour.

  1. The 13th Reflection

  2. Vim and Vigor

  3. A Fight to the Death

  4. Dismiss

  5. Dearly Beloved

    (The main menu theme on every Kingdom Hearts game, go to 10:27 for my favourite rendition)

Thanks for reading! (And hopefully listening) If you’ve played any of the Kingdom Hearts series what is your favourite piece of music? What game series’ score would you love to hear at a symphony concert? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “There needs to be a Kingdom Hearts Symphony Orchestra!

  1. I, myself, am not too familiar with the Kingdom Hearts series but I must say, after listening to your suggestions, its music is melodic gold that is equally bombastic as its poignant and tranquil, Dearly Beloved in particular. I didn’t know that The Legend of Zelda had a performing orchestra, let alone one that performs on a Late Night talk-show, so that’s rather surprising! I know in Canada, there’s an orchestra performing the many works and iterations of the Pokemon musical score, both the television series and the renowned games, which has interested me for quite some time. Despite all the discerning hate that Square Enix fosters on a daily basis, you cannot deny the simple fact that their works have phenomenal soundtracks which compliment their iconic experiences.

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    • Yay I have managed to share the brilliance of Kingdom Hearts music and hopefully will convince you to one day get around to playing them! I would love to see the Pokémon orchestra, hopefully that would be something that may do a world tour one day.

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  2. Finally some real love for the KH music! I just recently replayed the main KH titles through the ReMixes on PS3 and the music is really a strong point in the series. Glad to see you agree. Also, I’m enjoying your blog and look forward to more interesting posts!

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    • Yeah I just played through RE:CoM on the 1.5 Remix for the first time and particularly enjoyed the Marluxia boss battle themes. Can’t wait for news on when 2.8 will be released! Thanks for the comment and kind words, I’ll check out your blog right now!

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