Playstation Plus: A Gift from the Gaming Gods!

After coming to the realisation that I am still a poor student (yes I forget/deny this too often), I realistically won’t be able to use the next 4 months of time away from university to catch up on the many great PS4 titles that have been released and are yet to be released. However, Sony has come to the rescue in the form of PlayStation Plus. Thanks to PS Plus I will not be without something to play, whether I will enjoy all the games is a different question, yet you can hardly complain too much considering the extra value you gain from all the games made available to you.

When the PlayStation 4 was first announced and it was revealed that online play would no longer be free, unlike its predecessor the PlayStation 3, I did find it odd that Sony had decided to make this change. However, by tying it to the existing PS Plus service, I think it makes a lot of sense. As we all know next generation consoles are capable of performing incredible things, and provide a platform to let video games make use of this. This understandably means that the AAA titles on these platforms can have hefty price tags when first released due to the time and effort put in to create some amazing titles. Added to the price of the console itself, next generation gaming can be a pricey hobby. Yet, with PS Plus you can pay a fair subscription fee that will enable you to have access to a few titles each month, with value that often surpasses the subscription fee itself. It may not be a title you were really hoping to play, but by giving these titles a chance, you could be pleasantly surprised, even finding yourself enjoying a game genre you may have never had experience with.

As the PlayStation 4 is still relatively young it makes sense that not many games from established video game companies are offered each month. I would argue that this can be a good thing, as the Indie games that are mostly provided each month may be overlooked by the average gamer, due to it not being from an established company, or a AAA title. Yet, given a chance, gamers who may not usually play Indie titles may find they really enjoyed the game and continue to support upcoming Indie developers who deserve to be noticed. This may also help encourage the growth of more Indie titles, further increasing the diversity of video games. What is also great about Indie titles on the PS4 is that they take up a lot less space on your HDD compared to bigger titles, which can be sorely needed when, like me, you haven’t yet upgraded to a bigger HDD.

Overall, I think that tying online play to the PS Plus service was a good idea, as those who depend on playing multiplayer often have an added bonus each month, and those who may not be able to afford to keep up with the latest mainstream titles can have access to a plethora of Indie titles that can keep them occupied for a long time. What are your thoughts on the PS Plus service, do you think Sony made a good choice in tying online play to PS Plus? Let me know in the comments.