First Impressions: Hearthstone: Goblins Vs. Gnomes

Thanks to Blizzard, Hearthstone players have been lucky enough to get to grips with the brand new expansion, Goblins Vs. Gnomes, 4-5 days earlier (depending on your region). Albeit only accessible through playing arena mode, players can experience playing with a large selection of the brand new cards that will be available for purchase with either in game gold or your own money. Another great perk to this early access is that Blizzard have been kind enough to gift all players a free arena pass so that everyone can get a feel for the new cards.

For my free arena run, I chose to play as a Priest. There were some great new cards available to choose, including some Priest specific cards like the Shrinkmeister. Unfortunately for me, I read its battlecry as “Give a minion +2 attack this turn” rather than what it was “Give a minion -2 attack this turn” leading to me reducing a haunted creeper’s attack to 0 and missing a turn. Despite making this silly mistake at first, in later games I found the card to be a useful way of reducing an opponent minion’s attack so that I could clear it with one of my own minions and take minimal damage.

Some new cards have interesting combos that make game play a breath of fresh air. For example, I found the Arcane Nullifier X-21 very useful as it is a taunt minion that cannot be targeted by spells or hero powers which sometimes made it tricky for the opponent to clear. The Lil’ Exorcist card is also useful, a taunt minion that gains +1/+1 for every deathrattle minion the opponent has on the board. However, its usefulness depends on the opponents use of deathrattle minions, nevertheless its not bad for a 3 mana card, gaining a taunt minion with 2/3.

One card that I found most useful in my run was the Bomb Lobber. Although it has low health and attack for a 5 mana card (3/3), its battlecry “deal 4 damage to a random enemy minion” was great in the late game for dealing with the opponents’ higher health minions. I also liked the Piloted Shredder card as it can be great value if its deathrattle of putting a random 2 drop card on the board brings in a powerful 2 drop.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this first look at the new expansion which will add a whole new dimension of fun and strategy to an already incredible game.