First Impressions: Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo

I was rather excited Friday evening when I saw that a Super Smash Bros. demo for the 3DS was available on the Eshop and so promptly downloaded it. I’ve played it a few times over the course of the weekend but as much of a fan I am of the Smash series, I still have mixed feelings towards this new installment on the 3DS.

One of the first problems I had while playing the demo were the controls. The way the buttons were configured just didn’t seem natural to me, but I imagine that on the full version of the game you will be able to change the configuration. Although a minor setback, I did get use to these controls after a while but what did not feel right was the toggle. As the toggle is so close to the pad, it felt a strain to keep pushing it back and forth, and as the nature of Smash is quite hectic, it was hard to keep moving the toggle in different directions in such a small space of time, added to the fact when you have to double shift the toggle to perform a smash attack it just didn’t have the right feel as it would on a toggle on a gamepad. This will be the advantage of the Wii U version of the game.

Another problem, which is one that most people who have played the game are experiencing, is the size of the game. I played the demo on my 3DS XL and I still found that the majority of the time the visuals were too small. Obviously it wasn’t as detrimental to the experience as it would be on a regular 3DS system, however, getting immersed into the game was harder when you were making much more of a mental effort to keep track of your character in the hectic nature of play.

Despite these problems, it was hard not to enjoy the game. When the camera angle zooms in closer you can really appreciate the detail of the game. There was a nostalgic feel when playing the original characters, Link, Mario, Pikachu etc. but the ability to play new characters such as Mega Man and Villager was highly enjoyable. The fact that their smash ball abilities are the same as seen in the trailers for the Wii U version shows that the developers really didn’t cop out on the 3DS version. As well as that, there was access to a fair range of items on the demo which made gameplay enjoyable (and comedic with the nintendog assist trophy).

Although the controls and size of the game are slightly annoying, it is hard to deny that even with a small look at the game through the demo, the game is very exciting, especially when looking at the whole roster and the other game modes that will be available with the full game. Also, as I don’t own a Wii U and don’t plan to presently, I don’t know if I can resist not buying the 3DS version as I’m such a big fan of the series. Either way, I think the best bet is to buy this game if you own a 3DS XL as I imagine it would be highly disappointing on a regular sized 3DS and rather detrimental to the whole feel of the game.


Oh so salty!

Since the internet was installed in my new house on Wednesday, I’ve grabbed every opportunity I could to play Hearthstone. I’ve been playing Hearthstone since the beta and I still enjoy it very much. However, recently I have been finishing a session and feeling rather salty about it.

With the introduction of Curse of Naxxramas it has undeniably added a whole new and fun perspective to the game. However, if you are a poor student like myself, finding the line between funding the necessities and entertainment understandably leads to spending on living costs. As much as Hearthstone is labelled a ‘Free to Play’ game, the game is much more entertaining and fulfilling when you have access to a wider range of cards, and this is hard to achieve without spending some cold hard cash. There are some big names in the Hearthstone world, such as Itshafu, who have a wide array of cards and claim that this has all been funded by the in game gold that can be earned through Daily Quests, Arena runs and general play. This is hard to dispute as by watching them live stream you can see that they are skilled enough to achieve big wins and therefore, big in game gold rewards.

I would consider myself a pretty average player and by having 9 months of play experience under my belt I believe I have a good knowledge of the game’s mechanics and so forth. However, it comes back to card disadvantage. I have not spent any real money on anything in the game and somehow managed to buy two wings of Naxx with in game gold I had saved up. This means that I haven’t got the greatest amount of cards at my disposal and so playing either casual or ranked is a task trying to win as my custom decks are a mismatch of what little I can create. It doesn’t help that the majority of players you come across in these matches are suited and booted with some of the best cards that make winning that much easier. Obviously, it also comes down to skill playing Hearthstone, but the nature of the game is ‘luck of the draw’ since after all it is a card game.

There has been some good news in the Blizzard universe this week with the upcoming ‘nerf’ of the cards Leeroy Jenkins and Starving Buzzard, which when combined with Unleash the Hounds on a Hunter, can be extremely aggravating to deal with. Still, I assume that for a good while I will be stuck in a vicious circle of completing daily quests, completing an average or worse arena run, and then starting all again once I have run out of gold, in the hopes that I will someday get some cards that could turn the whole play experience around. Either that or I will eventually cave and spend real money when I eventually find the funds to.


Hey guys, welcome to my brand new blog Space Fuelled Gaming!

With this blog I hope to add an exciting new perspective to the world of gaming by writing reviews of video games but also discussing current news within the gaming world. We are emerging into the last quarter of 2014 and with this brings a whole host of exciting new releases that I am hoping to get my hands on. The top three games I am most looking forward to are Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire so expect to see a review of at least one of these (hopefully all!)

As well as trying to keep up with all the latest releases, I will also most likely be reviewing the backlog of games on my Steam account that I still haven’t gotten round to playing since the Summer Sale, and hopefully this will provide a fresh take on some great games.

I am currently undertaking the second year of my undergraduate degree at University so I will be juggling this blog along with coursework etc. However, I am hoping to keep the blog updated frequently, even if it means a short post every week to summarise the biggest gaming news of the week. I aim to both entertain and inform you so here’s to the future of Space Fuelled Gaming!